General contractors

Boost productivity and quality

Streamline communication, increase subcontractor accountability, and monitor progress on site

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Bridgit Quality

Manage and track inspections, checklists, and project milestones.

  • Create a site quality plan
  • Track your progress
  • Complete and track checklist

Bridgit Tasks

Streamline communication and workflow to save time and keep your project on schedule.

  • Log and track tasks for the site
  • Streamline your walkthrough process
  • Simplify communication with contractors

Bridgit Insights

Unlock your site’s data to boost performance and close out faster.

  • Get a snapshot of progress
  • Monitor performance
  • Identify bottlenecks

General contractors

For every stage

Bridgit software is built to save time and money, at every stage of your project.

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Create your site plan to map and track your project—from pre-con to completion.


Manage inspections, checklists, and subcontractor activity. Collect data to identify bottlenecks & issues.


Streamline communication with subcontractors, and hold them accountable for incomplete work.

Centrum Bucktown

With Bridgit, ARCO/Murray was able to plan and document the entire closeout process for this luxury multi-family project. 

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Whidbey Health hospital expansion

When Andersen Construction started logging punch items in this 60,000 square-foot hospital expansion, they turned to Bridgit Tasks.

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88 Sheppard

The team at this 35-story residential project used Bridgit Tasks throughout construction and closeout, starting with concrete issues, and running the program through to completion.

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Health Sciences facility, University of Maryland Baltimore

When Barton Malow began punching out on this cutting-edge facility, they used Bridgit Tasks to log, assign and track each item on their list.

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Bridgit has been used by general contractors across North America.

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