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Start increasing construction software adoption onsite. Download ebook >




Task management, made simple

A better way to manage work on site from day one, increasing speed, efficiency, accountability, and visibility of the entire crew so projects finish faster

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Bridgit is the punch list app that Apple would make—so simple.

On our last project... it took 8 months to close out. On our most recent project we used Bridgit for our punch list, and it took 2.5 months.

We are using Bridgit to punch list our 21-story, multi-use project. What a difference!

Getting work done



Task logging

Create a task in 30 seconds or less.

  • Photos and markups
  • Floorplans
  • Location markups
  • Pinning for quick data entry
  • Copy to locations
  • Multiple assignees
  • Due date
  • Custom tags
  • Offline mode


Eliminate the constant calling and follow up.

  • Customized automatic emails
  • Reminder emails
  • Free access for subcontractors
  • Quick status update
  • Comments
  • Real time communications
  • Offline access


Create reports from mobile and web.

  • Quick filters
  • Advanced filters
  • PDF reports
  • CSV reports
  • Digital signature reports
  • Easy sharing

Save time and money

How much could Bridgit save on your project? Enter your information into the calculator to see how much you could save in time and labor costs.

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12 Months

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Hours saved: 480

Hours saved: 312

12 Months

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We promise to make the best use of your time and take your questions as we walk you through the capabilities of our solution that best suit your interest.