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Stay informed: Anytime, anywhere, on any device

A one-stop dashboard of your construction project's task and inspection metrics, providing you with actionable, up-to-date information  

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Data is collected in one area, so it's easier to review the status of items.

Insights is so easy to understand, I wish more people would make their solutions this simple and clean. 

Measuring and reporting



Site data & summaries

Graphs & charts give a quick snapshot.

  • Progress summary
  • Task aging summary
  • Task breakdown by assignee
  • Compare data to previous week
  • Historical project data


Create rich reports for stakeholders.

  • PDF reports
  • Historical reports
  • Week-by-week comparisons
  • Easy sharing

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We promise to make the best use of your time and take your questions as we walk you through the capabilities of our solution that best suit your interest.