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Bridgit responds in real time to homeowners' plight

In response to Ottawa homeowners’ outrage on social media regarding the poor construction quality of their new condos, Bridgit steps up to the plate. 

KITCHENER, ON (MAY 27th, 2015) -- Canadian construction software company Bridgit is offering their Closeout software for deficiency management to homeowners in Ottawa’s Gotham condo free of cost.

This announcement comes on the back of this month’s public interest column in the Ottawa Citizen highlighting the plight of homeowners in the newly constructed Gotham condo, a Lamb Development Corp. project. Homeowners took to Twitter to voice their outrage for the poor construction quality experienced in the building and rallied together to garner media attention for their seemingly helpless situation.

“Typically, we sell Closeout directly to the condo developer,” says Mallorie Brodie, Co-Founder of Bridgit Inc. “However, in a situation like this, we were moved to offer our assistance to these homeowners in whatever way we could.”

Bridgit’s customers using Closeout for deficiency management on-site include a number of large residential developers such as Minto, Cortel Group and CenterCourt. According to Brodie, “Closeout users are committed to delivering high-quality condos to purchasers and have taken the additional step to find a software that will help them deliver on that promise.”

Meanwhile, the owners at Gotham have a wide range of complaints including but not limited to:

  • Missing doors in bedrooms, closets and dens
  • Awkward access to some balconies as patio doors open on the wrong side
  • Appliances damaged, missing or not hooked up; in some units, washers and dryers were parked in the living room

Using Closeout, the homeowners at Gotham will be able to quickly record all deficiencies in their unit with photos and comments. The full list of deficiencies can then be presented to Lamb Development Corp. “The hope is that this helps expedite the process,” says Brodie.

About Bridgit Inc.

Founded in 2012, Bridgit is a Canadian software company focused on developing mobile-first solutions for the construction industry. Bridgit’s mobile software solutions are used by leading general contractors, engineering firms and real-estate developers across North America. 

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