See how we're making construction less complicated. View our product overview brochure here.


See how we're making construction less complicated. View our product overview brochure here.


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Bridgit Announces New Capability to Simplify, Accelerate Construction Inspection Process

Bridgit Quality helps catch problems sooner to eliminate waste of time, money and effort

KITCHENER, ON – June 27, 2018 – Bridgit, a leader in mobile construction management, today announced a new module in its project management app that simplifies site inspection planning to catch deficiencies earlier in the project cycle and make complicated projects easier to manage.

Bridgit Quality enables contractors and project managers to create checklists quickly and easily, track inspection progress and identify problems before they become more expensive to fix. Bridgit Quality automatically integrates with Bridgit Insights and Bridgit Tasks, creating a complete set of project management tools for construction projects of all types and sizes.

“Construction projects by nature are complicated because there are so many interrelated parts and subcontractors handling specialized tasks,” said Mallorie Brodie, CEO and co-founder of Bridgit. “Bridgit makes it easy for everyone to have a complete view of all the work being done and track progress efficiently and cost-effectively. With the launch of Bridgit Quality, we are continuing to execute on our vision to make construction less complicated.”

With Bridgit Quality, contractors can manage inspections, mark them as complete, and track performance. At the start of a project, they can create required inspection types, import checklists, and specify locations where inspections need to be completed. As inspections are conducted, work can be assigned a pass or fail, and failed items can easily be escalated to Bridgit Tasks for resolution. Managers can track progress and gain insight into what types of work passed or failed the most inspections. They can monitor progress to ensure work continues in an optimized way.

Bridgit Quality can be used in the office or at the construction site with a network connection or offline and via mobile app or on the desktop with Chrome or Firefox browsers. Apps are available for Android and iOS. 

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