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Bridgit and Thalmic Labs optimize smartglasses for construction

Creates seamless interactions between technologies that improve speed, efficiency and access to data

WATERLOO, ON (AUGUST 18, 2014) -- Thalmic Labs, a pioneer in human-computer interaction, today announces the integration of its flagship product, the Myo armband, with Bridgit’s Closeout smartglass application, for use in the construction industry. The Myo armband, which recognizes subtle hand and finger gestures, offers a more efficient and effective use of applications on Google Glass. By integrating the Myo armband with the smartglass applications used in the field, users can eliminate tedious remote controls, touch pads, buttons, and voice commands that slow down access to information and multiple-step processes to input or retrieve data.

“Smartglasses remove barriers to accessing the information and communications needed to effectively and efficiently perform the job at hand. Now, the Myo armband frees up your hands to unlock the full value of smartglasses,” said Stephen Lake, CEO and co-founder of Thalmic Labs. “Myo uses subtle hand gestures to instantly interact with applications on smartglasses, without needing to remove gloves or pull out a secondary controller.”

“The construction industry has already seen some basic examples of smartglass, such as Google Glass, being used as an input device for existing applications. However, up until now, the standard for smartglass input has been the built in audio commands,” said Mallorie Brodie, co-founder of Bridgit. As we continue to place our primary focus on ease of use, audio input just doesn’t cut it in terms of usability. The Myo provides us with the ability to optimize smartglass in a way that makes sense for our users.

Bridgit has recently launched a closed beta test program for smartglass and wearable technology integrations. Construction technology leaders interested in in participating in the program are encouraged to apply online at Space is limited and admission to the program will be granted on a rolling basis.

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