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Successful Kitchener startup wants a bigger talent pool

Terry Pender, Waterloo Region Record

Bridgit co-founders Brodie and Lake are hosting an event at Communitech called “Getting into Tech.” It is aimed at people who are not currently working in tech, but are thinking about it.

Unlike many startup founders Mallorie Brodie carries business cards.

The chief executive officer and cofounder of Bridgit is always looking for potential employees. When Brodie's experienced excellent service — from servers, sales reps or counter staff — she gives them a card, and urges them to call if they are looking for a change.

She knows from personal experience you do not need a technical-engineering-software background to excel in tech.

Bridgit is a rapidly growing software firm in Kitchener with a mobile platform that helps developers, owners, contractors and subtrades efficiently manage and track the complex work flow on construction sites. It currently employs about 40 people, and will soon move into new offices at Duke and Victoria streets. It expects to hire 10 new employees in the near future.

"We have lots of open roles, and one of the big things that we have noticed, I think a lot of companies in town have noticed, is the talent pool is not as big as we would all like it to be," said Lauren Lake, cofounder of Bridgit.

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